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Walokology Slip Leash

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Our Biothane slip leads are custom made for us on the Sunshine Coast by the talented Walkology!

Beauty and function combined. These leashes are made from genuine, sealed Biothane strapping and solid brass hardware (no rust!). Biothane has a great leather look and feel, but is also extremely functional and hardwearing. It is UV resistant, completely waterproof and extremely strong, being originally designed for use with horses. Cleaning these leashes is easy! Just dip it in the water to remove sand or dirt; if its really filthy a little soap when you are home will have it looking brand new. 

We recommend this style of leash to most clients as they are an exceptionally functional way of communicating with your dog through out the process of learning to walk on a loose leash. If you are not already a Best Life training client, and would like a session dedicated to the art of loose leash walking, we have bookings available.